When We Were The Boys • $17.95

By Stevie Salas and Robert Yehling

Taylor Trade Publishing

Stevie Salas chronicles his amazing two-year rise from a local backyard party performer to lead guitarist on Rod Stewart’s “Out Of Order” tour. He then performed with Mick Jagger, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, ZZ Top and others – and now, is Executive Producer of the documentary Rumble, a hit at the 2017 Sundance Festival, and topped the pop charts in Japan in 2018-19. Rock-and-roll stories and insight into coming of age on a rock & roll world tour. A 5-star rated rock memoir.


 “Stevie taught me that music is a work in progress, and he proves that in When We Were The Boys. If not for Stevie, I could possibly be delivering a pizza to your house tonight.” — Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters

“I have to say ‘thank you’ for taking me back to one of the best times in my life. This is rock-and-roll mixed with great storytelling… I felt myself back there again.” — Jimmy Roberts, saxophone player, The Rod Stewart Band

“Stevie Salas is the ultimate insider, and When We Were The Boys is your backstage pass. This book is a vibrant, unfiltered collection of stories from a rookie guitarist earning his stripes with rock legends.” — Spike Ferenstan, Emmy Award-winning writer-producer-comedian

“Stevie takes you on a journey that leaves you wanting more. Told with honesty and passion, When We Were the Boys will inspire you to have the courage to step forward and pursue your own dreams despite the odds. Told with heart, humor and spirit…it’s a ‘must read.’” — Debora McLaughlin, author, Running in High Heels