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ORDER NOW! Paul Bobrowski's thriller #TRACELESS


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Connor Teele is a driven, highly successful man whose accomplishments and path emulate many from the billion-dollar Seattle cyber-tech empires. His ability to hopscotch between good and evil within a day’s work is set against criminal acts that would stun anyone. What leads him to connect the highest levels of technology with the deepest, darkest recesses of his soul? What is his redemption, or society’s redemption? #TRACELESS is a spine-tingling novel full of twists and turns, impossible to put down. Its surprises come in the planning and execution of the criminal act. Connor approaches it as “the Lord’s business of retribution,” as he would say, in which retribution-driven spirituality becomes a religion all to itself. Both enthralling and shocking, #TRACELESS draws on the author’s concerns about technology’s inexorable drive to take over our souls — and our world.


Paul Bobrowski is a lifelong Southern Californian and multi-talented creative artist. A model and actor in his younger years, the long-time musician began writing novels when a close friend noticed his vast oral storytelling capabilities. #TRACELESS is the first in a series of novels that spotlight Bobrowski’s creative talent and ability to tell stories no one will soon forget.



He’s James Patterson on steroids,” – Gary Rocks, Eclipse Award Winner


“One page of Paul Bobrowski is like five pages of any other author,” Jim Buss, Los Angeles Lakers Co-Owner


THE adventures of kozmos lovejoy exp

book launch july 6

The Adventures of Kozmos Lovejoy, Exp. is a riveting story of adventure, enlightenment, love and personal discovery that wants to be told. Kozmos Lovejoy, Exp. sets out to discover the human potential hidden in the American culture during the revolutionary spiritual renaissance of the 1960s and ‘70s. Kozmos learns at age nine to hitchhike so he doesn’t have to walk up a steep hill to get home. Over the years, he discovers that he can go anywhere. He doesn’t need a car, or money, or even a destination. He knows he is free.

While attending art school in San Francisco, Kozmos has a dream that awakens him on a journey to enlightenment. Later, when invited to spend a couple of weeks at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, he discovers a pure water spring flowing into a jungle stream where he meets the girl in the dream. She introduces him to the Ancient Wisdom of the arcane human history, hidden for thousands of years in myths and metaphors.

After being arrested and forced to leave Mexico, Kozmos hops on freight trains and hitchhikes home to San Francisco; he recognizes he’s not the same. His spiritual experiences in Mexico have transformed him, which leads to spending the summer of 1969 learning more and more about new spiritual possibilities before returning to Vallarta and reconnecting with the girl in the dream.

However, things have changed in Vallarta. Kozmos finds himself on the road again. Not knowing where to go, he just keeps moving. Finally, he finds an abandoned building in Ohio, where he fasts and meditates until he hears a Voice that guides him to Santa Fe, NM. and joins a family of kindred spirits that are building a yoga ashram and vegetarian restaurant.

Inspired by the experiences in Santa Fe, he heads to Denver to open another yoga school and restaurant. But this is becoming all too stable for Kozmos. After a couple of years of spiritual politicking, an arranged marriage that falls apart, and a love affair that opens his heart, he splits and hitchhikes to Chamonix, France. He studies for two summers with the Sufis in the French Alps, living in caves, meadows and tents at 8,000 feet in the French National Forest before returning to Colorado to share the love, light and wisdom of The Adventures.

In addition to being an intimate look back to a great period of awakening consciousness, The Adventures of Kozmos Lovejoy, Exp. celebrates the greater journey of self-discovery. Patrick O’Brien blends his own experiences with his keen understanding of the period to create a story that is adventurous, poignant and transformative — one that will connect with hearts everywhere. 


We are ecstatic to announce that author and illustrator Brandon S. Pilcher’s book titled Priestess of the Lost Colony is now available for preorder on the Open Books Press website!

The tale consists of a headstrong Egyptian priestess, her brother, their sacked colony—and a rescue mission. When Itawaret’s beloved Per-Pehu falls to the tyrannical Scylax, she and her brother Bek lead a mission to save her captured people and depose Scylax. Along the way, they run into all kinds of perils, friends, and foes—and beasts sent by an angry goddess. Set in ancient Greece 3,500 years ago, this is a tale blending magical realism with history, high adventure with discovery . . . and Itawaret’s determination to save her people while learning her heart’s desires and realizing her deeper purpose.

BRANDON S. PILCHER is an accomplished visual artist and author operating in Southern California. Along with his debut novel, Priestess of the Lost Colony, he has published two short story collections, Dinosaurs & Dames and Beasts and Beauties, and one novella, The Sultan of Finback Isle. His favorite subjects include dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, ancient history, and empowered heroines.

NEW PODCAST! Word Journeys has officially launched our long awaited podcast "Front Page Pass"

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Check it out! The literary world’s hottest new podcast, Front Page Pass, presented by Word Journeys, premiered Tuesday, March 9! Fellow publishing industry expert, author-illustrator-designer joins WJ president in bringing you the latest — for readers, writers and educators alike! From new titles to rocking interviews with bestselling authors and publishing experts, writing and editing tips, and live coverage of festivals, conferences and signings (when they go live again), we’ll serve up the writing world in a thrilling new way. We are on all video and audio platforms — YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, iTunes, etc. See you soon!

ORDER Blood Money by Chris Riedel

Blood Money is the story of how a Silicon Valley CEO became a fraud fighter. It is an insider’s look at the David vs. Goliath struggle between one man seeking to save his company and stop taxpayers from being ripped-off, and healthcare companies engaged in massive fraud. Affecting millions of taxpayers, it is one of the biggest “hidden” stories in the healthcare world. Imagine running a superb business operating with the highest integrity — until squeezed out by a pair of companies engaging in one of the greatest predatory pricing schemes in the medical world. What do you do? Such was Chris Riedel’s dilemma, which led him to become one of the top medical fraud fighters in U.S. history, which he chronicles in this riveting true-crime book, Blood Money.

In Blood Money, Riedel exposes the underworld of medical fraud in unsparing terms. He begins with the Blood Brothers’ fraud against taxpayers, which pushed Chris and his attorney partners, Niall McCarthy (son of former Calif. Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy) and Justin Berger into action. Chris and his attorneys blew the whistle, and won a landmark $241 million settlement for the State of California taxpayers in a highly publicized 2011 case. 

Chris is one of the top medical whistleblowers ever — and he’s still at it. He owned and was CEO of a highly regarded Northern California lab testing company, Hunter Labs. Some would say that Chris is a hero to taxpayers – a whistleblower not only going after medical fraud, but making sure that taxpayers do not get ripped off any further. In all, he and his partners have won cases totaling cases totaling over $550 million, which is what drives this now-retired man.


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