The Write Time

The Write Time: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Writing Life • $17.95

By Robert Yehling

Open Books Press

FINALIST, Independent Publishers Book Award

The ultimate writing workout book for regular, consistent, diverse material, The Write Time presents stories and vignettes to set up 366 writing exercises — one for each day of the year, plus leap year/birthday. All genres are included, along with motivational quotes from authors, top websites, historical asides and much more. The exercises were created over 15 years of teaching writing workshops, and designed to bring out the greatest in our writing and storytelling. Perfect for college and high school courses, online workshops, retreats and business writing events.


 “Whether you are a professional writer, student, or simply love to journal or write different things, you must read and utilize this work of art in your daily practices and contemplations.” — Cleveland Book Review

“The knowledge gleaned from a prolific writing and teaching career has been expertly translated into this entertaining, informative and practical tool.” — Lynne Martin, author, Home Sweet Anywhere, 2014 New York Times bestseller

“An invocation to sit at the shore of new creativity, take up your ink cup, drink plentifully, and be refreshed by the waters of a new day, all assembled with care and intention by a fellow writer, reader and lover of literature.” — Andres Torres, AP English Director, Minooka (IL) Community High School

“Robert Yehling has created a book in which he imparts writing exercises that will inspire writers of all stripes to discover their own ideas and truths. He opens the door to new, sometimes challenging work, and invites you to step through.” — Barbara Stahura, author, What I Thought I Knew