The Champion’s Way • $12.00

By Dr. Steve Victorson and Robert Yehling

SwymFit Publishing

What do great sports, business and life champions have in common? Former U.S. Ski Team conditioning coach Dr. Steve Victorson and Robert Yehling break down 11 specific character traits and circumstances that are shared by champions from Serena Williams to Michael Phelps, from Tom Brady to Lindsey Vonn. Featuring interviews with more than 40 Olympic, world, and national champions, this book is a gold mine for becoming a champion in ourselves.


“As a lifelong educator and coach, The Champion’s Way gives an insightful and thought provoking look at the athletic process. The book is an excellent and comprehensive resource towards a much-needed view towards athletic excellence. The best message from reading this book is that there is a positive process that can lead to athletic excellence. The Champion’s Way provides a practical guide, principles, factors and examples across sport disciplines that produce champions.” — Richard Kerr, Amazon Reviews

“Very engaging and easy to read. Also great advice for parents and coaches on how to recognize a champion at a very young age and how to support that desire to win. Not everyone can be a champion, but everyone should be encouraged to do their best and not settle for mediocrity.”

— Kate Smyers, Amazon Reviews