risk management

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Risk Management • $33.96

By Annetta Cortez

Ghostwritten by Robert Yehling

Alpha/Penguin Random House

Risk. It’s what business is all about. The key to success is to anticipating and managing the risks that can impact business. The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to Risk Management provides the key information necessary to manage business risk successfully by plumbing the basic categories of business risk to focus on solutions. Includes:
• How to identify the specific factors that affect any particular business
• How to create practical risk models to plan ahead
• How to lessen the impact of risk events should they happen
• How to profit from strategic risk taking





“This book really helped get me set up with a solid basis. Better – more complete and easier to digest – than anything else out there. I work in a big financial company, and this helped shed light on how the concepts fit together.” — J.R., Amazon Reviews