Crawl of Fame

Crawl of Fame  • Hardcover: 25.95 • Paperback: $16.00 (releasing in Spring 2020)

By Julie Moss and Robert Yehling

Pegasus Books

The remarkable story of instant fame, achievement, redemption and return to the forefront of Ironman Triathlon legend Julie Moss, whose painful crawling finish at the 1982 Ironman Triathlon vaulted the sport to international status — and made her an enduring symbol of greatness and perseverance. Julie’s deep insight into attaining and holding personal power plays against her eventful life, and the decisions that led to her being one of the fittest women in the world at age 60.


“The greatest display of courage I’ve ever seen in a sports event — and a masterful job of telling what happened before and after.” — Armen Keteyian, long-time 60 Minutes correspondent and bestselling co-author of Tiger Woods and The System

“Her story captures the profound and positive impact that Ironman and one race can have on someone’s entire life, and will undoubtedly inspire and encourage all who read it.” — Chrissie Wellington, Four-Time Ironman World Champion


“The internal drive and fortitude of a woman who virtually crawled to the finish line is one of sports greatest moments. This a beautifully written book that shows what a person can do with his/her momentum when completely self-motivated. A great story.” — Bill F., Amazon Reviews

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