Just Add Water • Hardcover: $26.00 • Paperback: $16.00

By Robert Yehling and Clay Marzo

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

FINALIST, 2016 Dollie Gray Literature Prize

The acclaimed biography of surfing sensation Clay Marzo and his life with Asperger syndrome. In the water, Clay is a magician, one of the world’s greatest surfers. Out of the water, life is a struggle. Poignant, intimate account of how Asperger contributes to his greatness, but also how it impacts his life and family. A must-read for anyone who knows someone on the autism spectrum: and we all do. Also available on e-book and audio book.


 “Clay Marzo is an amazing, nearly amphibious surfer with a one-of-a-kind life story. What an inspiring book!” — Matt Warshaw, bestselling author, The Encyclopedia of Surfing

 “Clay Marzo is one of the most amazing surfers to come along. He’s fantastic — and so is this book. Great stuff.” — Peter Townend, 1976 World Surfing Champion

“As a young adult with Asperger’s, I was greatly inspired reading Clay’s personal life story. This book will provided great encouragement to individuals with autism and other disabilities and offer them hope. I would recommend this book to every young adult with Asperger’s and also any professional working with young adults with autism. It will teach professions never to put a limit on someone just because he or she has a neurological disability, but to see their talents with eyes of faith.”
— R.S., Amazon Reviews

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