Backroad Melodies • $12.00

By Robert Yehling

Our relationships with love, environment, music and the open space of back roads, and our ability to listen, feel and thrive with nature, inform this new collection of 50 poems and essays. Includes “Morning Tea with Gary Snyder,” featuring the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet; “Running Jokes”, funny asides from 2 decades of running; and “The Arrival of Climate Change,” a visit with End of Nature author and environmental journalist Bill McKibben.


“You’re talkin’ my language. And drivin’ my landscape. The colors. The sky…” — Luis Alberto Urrea, Pulitzer Prize finalist and American Book Award winning author, The Hummingbird’s Daughter

In Backroad Melodies, Yehling can be funny and philosophical, charming and intrusive. One moment he’s pungently original about coffee shops, and the next he’s talking Kerouac with Gary Snyder. The stillness of a raft floating Twain-like down a river… jiving with a hot guitar and a couple celebrating fifteen years of love in the poem “Shock and Awe”… you don’t want it to end. Mr. Yehling can add one more thing to his awesome list of accomplishments.” — William Thompson Ong, author, The Fashionista Murders

“Each morning, I ask myself, ‘What can I do to make my day better’? I was lucky enough to find the book Backroad Melodies. What a GODSEND. To read of passion & joy in the poem “Supernova”, to the poem “Backroad Melodies” taking the reader on a trip through the mind to a simpler, relaxing time, the Author runs the gamut of emotions. Each poem is wonderfully written, in many different styles, showing the beauty of the literary language, and its ability to transport the reader to times & places in their lives, and the memories that surround them.”

— Cheryl Stemple, Amazon Reviews