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What's hot with us in 2020

Blood Money by Chris Riedel

Blood Money is the story of how a Silicon Valley CEO became a fraud fighter. It is an insider’s look at the David vs. Goliath struggle between one man seeking to save his company and stop taxpayers from being ripped-off, and healthcare companies engaged in massive fraud. Affecting millions of taxpayers, it is one of the biggest “hidden” stories in the healthcare world. Imagine running a superb business operating with the highest integrity — until squeezed out by a pair of companies engaging in one of the greatest predatory pricing schemes in the medical world. What do you do? Such was Chris Riedel’s dilemma, which led him to become one of the top medical fraud fighters in U.S. history, which he chronicles in this riveting true-crime book, Blood Money.

In Blood Money, Riedel exposes the underworld of medical fraud in unsparing terms. He begins with the Blood Brothers’ fraud against taxpayers, which pushed Chris and his attorney partners, Niall McCarthy (son of former Calif. Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy) and Justin Berger into action. Chris and his attorneys blew the whistle, and won a landmark $241 million settlement for the State of California taxpayers in a highly publicized 2011 case. 

Chris is one of the top medical whistleblowers ever — and he’s still at it. He owned and was CEO of a highly regarded Northern California lab testing company, Hunter Labs. Some would say that Chris is a hero to taxpayers – a whistleblower not only going after medical fraud, but making sure that taxpayers do not get ripped off any further. In all, he and his partners have won cases totaling cases totaling over $550 million, which is what drives this now-retired man.

The Ridgewalkers by Greg Walter

      Life-saving Coast Guard missions. Hunting for a century-old treasure. Exploring the Pacific Coastal mountains. The legend of Bigfoot — and an astonishing showdown involving hired hunters, a sinister collector, the U.S. government… and a magical, otherworldly twist. High adventure, legend and magical realism sweep together in THE RIDGEWALKERS, the riveting novel of Alex Boldway, and his actions that lead to a climactic showdown rife with danger, rescue, heroism… and an enduring environmental message from the beings he protects.

Greg Walter is an entrepreneur, research historian and U.S Coast Guard Veteran/Merchant Marine who spends most of his time hiking trails all over the Pacific west and has a keen interest in the history and mapping of our most treasured assets; our public lands. His historical collection numbers into the thousands of books, maps, photos and ephemera all with a focus on regional history, Native American ethnographies, the history of the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service.

Greg Walter is also a map historian with a collection numbering into the thousands consisting of special emphasis of U.S. Forest Service history and much more. He serve on the board of the Crater Lake and Oregon Caves Natural History Association and have accomplished contractual work for the National Park Service in reports of the trail systems around the greater Oregon Caves areas and the National Park Service acquisition of a separate collection of material germane to the Oregon Caves area.


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