Writes of Life: Using Personal Experiences in Everything You Write • $17.95

By Robert Yehling

Open Books Press

WINNER of the Independent Publishers Book Award for Media, Writes of Life and its 12 succinct chapters present the many ways to use our personal experiences, feelings and perspectives in our writing — whether writing memoirs, letters, articles, novels, stories, or using personal details in business content. Learn how the greats inform their work with personal touches — and how you can, starting now.   


“I can’t put it down. Your book is so rich with advice and insight, I feel that I could spend hours just reflecting on single paragraphs.” — Sharline Chiang, editor, Brown is the New White, 2016 New York Times bestseller

“Robert Yehling was once a teenage hot-shot, the youngest full-time sportswriter in San Diego County. Forty years later, he packs a secret of his success — mining personal stories — into a small, potent volume. Impressive.” — San Diego Union-Tribune

“One of the best books on writing available — and I read every “how to” book I can get my hands on.” — S.T., Tucson, AZ

“I’ve been having problems opening myself up creatively to fully tell my life stories. Until now. I will remember my decision to read this book as the day I truly became a writer after years of having written.” — C.M., Tampa, FL