The Ridgewalkers

The Ridgewalkers  • Paperback: 17.95

By Greg Walter

Open Books Press

Life-saving Coast Guard missions. Hunting for a century-old treasure. Exploring the Pacific Coastal mountains. The legend of Bigfoot—and an astonishing showdown involving hired hunters, a sinister collector, the U.S. government . . . and a magical, otherworldly twist. High adventure, legend and magical realism sweep together in The Ridgewalkers, the riveting novel of Alex Boldway, and his actions that lead to a climactic showdown rife with danger, rescue, heroism . . . and an enduring environmental message from the beings he protects.


“Greg Walter is a real life adventurer. His appetite for adventure takes him from autobiography to exploration of legend, mythos and lore as old as our collective consciousness. There is an account of his hero, Alex Boldway (well named both consciously and unconsciously) in his merchant marine days, realizing The Reaper has followed him down into the hold of the fishing trawler he’s working on. The icy seas are reeling the ship a kilter with full nets, ready to flip the whole vessel – and the hatch overhead is open. Ice clogged sea will gush in and bottle Alex alive with all the cold fish. Industrial death at the hands of an indiscriminate Reaper. Boldway lives by lucky generosity of the waves, bobbing the ship aright like a cork. Then and there the Coast Guard veteran decides it’s time to get a job back on land. He’s always been a worshipper of nature and it’s to the beloved mountain trails of the northwest Pacific coastal range to which he returns,” John Huff