little miss bully

Little Miss Bully

Paperback: $9.99

By Betty Brantley

Illustrated By Alexa Black

Woodcliff Chase Publishing

Little Miss Bully is an enchanted story that addresses the important subject of bullying. Kat, a big-eyed owl who thinks she is better than the other animals in the forest, is known for her mean words and unkind ways, “My nest is the best in all the land. My feathers are so grand. Who-Who- would want to hang out with you? I do not understand.” Tired of being treated so bad, the little animals stand up for themselves with a little help from Mother Bear, “Hurting others in any way is rude and so unkind. By treating others with love and respect, a genuine friend you will find!” Little Miss Bully sees bullying from the eyes of many friends, and emphasizes how to be a buddy instead of a bully. The story is geared towards preschool and elementary aged children, but will be loved by all.

word on the street

“Author, Betty Brantley, covers a most relevant and timely subject many school-age children are experiencing today — bullying. Never has the age old subject of being kind to one another been more needed than in the present atmosphere of our schools. In her book, the creatures in the forest, tired of being taunted and treated unfairly. pull together to teach the rude and unkind Little Miss Bully the right way to treat her neighbors. It’s a message that comes through loud and clear as the lovable animal voices express how being bullied hurts.” – Linda Defew, Author of Murder in Little Heaven and regular guest columnist for Chicken Soup For The Soul.